816.01/359: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua ( Lane ) to the Acting Secretary of State

11. My 9, January 13, 3 [2?] p.m. At President Sacasa’s request I called on him at 10 o’clock tonight. He showed me what purported to be true reading of cipher message from Crisanto Sacasa in Guatemala stating that “President Ubico desires a direct suggestion from the Department of State and is ready to consult”. The President said that he had instructed Senator Sacasa in reply to await in Guatemala the result of the suggestions which he hoped the Department would make. He said that he considers it essential to the successful conclusion of the project that some word be sent by the Department to President Ubico [Page 229] immediately to the effect that the Department has learned of President Sacasa’s plan and that the Department is in sympathy with it and hopes that General Ubico will agree thereto. (The President said that the foregoing telegram from Guatemala is the first word he has had from Senator Sacasa since his departure and accordingly does not know whether the document, translation of which was sent in my telegram 8,8 has yet been shown to General Ubico. For that reason the President expressed the belief that it would be advisable for the time being not to mention that document in any suggestion which the Department might see fit to make to Guatemala).

The President said that the Congress of El Salvador sent to Nicaraguan Congress on Friday a message requesting that latter exert influence on Nicaraguan Government to recognize General Martínez and that unless prompt action be taken by Guatemala, it may be thought that steps towards recognition will be as a result of congressional pressure. He said he wished to avoid this impression being created. He expressed the hope that it might be possible for the Department to talk by telephone to President Ubico tomorrow (Monday) thus enabling Senator Sacasa to proceed to Tegucigalpa Tuesday. If it would be impracticable to talk directly with General Ubico he suggested that American Chargé d’Affaires at Guatemala be instructed to acquaint the President at once with our attitude.

The President repeated the suggestion made to me Saturday, as reported in my 9, January 13, 3 p.m., that Minister Lay be apprised of our attitude so as to be in a position to advise President Carías.

  1. January 13, 1 p.m., p. 226.