839.51/4040: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in the Dominican Republic (Schoenfeld)

2. With reference to your despatches No. 1360 of December 27, 1933, and 1375 of January 3, 1934, we are now in position to say that the Secretary advises that he was inaccurately quoted in the statement attributed to him by Mr. Cestero. What he did state, was that he could not discuss the matter while away from the records in Washington and that on his return here he would carefully examine the [Page 193] memorandum handed him. You are authorized to communicate this informally to the Foreign Minister and also in the same manner make him understand that our attitude as indicated in the letters to Mr. Davies8 and the Minister, copies of which you have received, remains unchanged, namely, that it is expected and assumed that they will promptly communicate with the Foreign Bondholders Protective Council relative to the matter in question. Furthermore, you can let it be understood that we will hold entirely aloof from any conferences that may be had beyond supplying any data from the Department’s records that may be desired.

You may also add that we are at a loss to understand why the Dominican Government has failed to comply with the terms of Article 6 (d) of the Emergency Law of October 23, 1931.

  1. Joseph E. Davies, counsel for the Dominican Republic. Correspondence with Mr. Davies not printed.