The American Technical Adviser ( Turkel ) to the Ambassador in Cuba ( Caffery )47

Subject: Cuban Suggestions With Reference to General Provisions.

There are herewith transmitted three copies in Spanish, and an English translation, of a memorandum prepared by the Cuban authorities containing certain requests relating to general provisions for the proposed agreement.

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While this memorandum was not discussed, the Cuban authorities orally stated that in drawing up the first point, it was not their intention to suggest the binding of the value of the preference.

By way of confirmation of a telegram to the Department drafted today,48 it is noted that the Cuban authorities have withdrawn their original request in respect of articles admitted under Paragraph 54 and now request only a reduction of 50 per cent in the existing duties levied on Cuban coconut, peanut and sesame oils.

Harry R. Turkel


  • Albert F. Nufer
  • Walter J. Donnelly


Memorandum Prepared by the Cuban Authorities

General Requests

We request that the rates fixed in the tariff of the United States at the time of signing the revision of the treaty, be considered as maximum duties with respect to articles and products of the soil or the industry, for which we have requested special treatment; deducting the differential which is accorded to Cuba.
Since only a revision of the existing treaty is under consideration, we believe that, in the revision which is being made, Articles 1, 6 and 8 of the existing treaty should be included.
The articles or products of the soil or industry of Cuba, for which no special benefits or differentials have been requested, shall be understood to enjoy a preferential of not less than 20 per centum.
The products of Cuba, which at present enjoy free entry under the existing treaty as well as those for which identic treatment is provided in the existing tariff of the United States (free list), shall continue to receive free entry, during the life of said treaty.

[For text of public notice of intention to negotiate a trade agreement with Cuba issued by the Department of State, July 3, 1934, and regulations made public by the Committee for Reciprocity Information, July 3, 1934, see Department of State, Press Releases, July 7, 1934, pages 7–9.]

  1. Copy transmitted to the Department by the Ambassador in Cuba in his despatch No. 706, June 22, 1934; received June 23.
  2. Not printed.