721.23/2186: Telegram

The Ambassador in Peru ( Dearing ) to the Secretary of State

45. 1. Subsequent to Cabinet meeting Foreign Minister informed me yesterday notification given by Governor Canal Zone under orders of Department of State repair facilities at Panama would be denied to Peruvian naval vessel Bologne [si] which is much resented by President, Minister of Marine, and other Cabinet members. I assured Minister any measures taken could not have been directed against Perú and would certainly be applied with absolute impartiality. Freyre has been instructed to make representations to the Department.

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2. Press reports of enlistment of American aviators with Colombians have also caused a very bad impression the Minister informed me.

3. He is undoubtedly misinformed and accurate information is lacking. I set before him our position as outlined in Department’s 423, December 10, 1932,2 but he is inclined to make capital of statements in Embassy’s note 281, July 12th,3 enclosure 1, with Embassy’s despatch 1938 of July 18, 1932,4 as showing inconsistency. I assured him again of our absolute impartiality and cited case of American aviators in Rif several years ago.5

4. There can be no doubt the Government here feels we are showing partiality to Colombia, an impression I am endeavoring to remove as well as I am able, but being in the wrong this Government will inevitably misinterpret many things.