The Ambassador in Japan (Grew) to the Secretary of State

No. 1103

Sir: I have the honor to refer to my despatch No. 1059, November 16, 1934,49 which transmitted a copy of a memorandum of a conversation [Page 843] between a member of my staff and Mr. Matsudaira, a Secretary in the Bureau of Treaties of the Japanese Foreign Office, on the subject of a new Consular Treaty between the United States and Japan and to enclose herewith copies of two memoranda50 of conversation on the same subject. Through the first conversation which took place between Mr. Crocker of the Embassy and Mr. Yamada of the Treaty Bureau on December 1 the Embassy carried out the Department’s instruction No. 624 of October 17, 1934, and proposed the conclusion of a reciprocal arrangement between the United States and Japan containing the provisions set forth in the Department’s instruction No. 532 of June 4, 1934. From the second conversation, which took place between my private secretary and Mr. Matsudaira, it will be noted that despite the Embassy’s initiative in proposing a reciprocal agreement, the Foreign Office apparently has the intention of shifting the negotiations to Washington and hopes to submit a draft of a comprehensive consular treaty through the Japanese Embassy shortly after the New Year.

In reference to Mr. Matsudaira’s statement that the phrase “in process of probate” which appears in the Consular Treaty between the United States and Germany was not clear to him in its context and appeared contradictory, I may state that approximately one month ago Consul General Garrels and Vice-Consul Allison explained the use of this term to another official of the Treaty Bureau who called at the Consulate General in regard to it.

Respectfully yours,

Joseph C. Grew
  1. See footnote 45, p. 841.
  2. Neither printed.