811.5294/562: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Japan (Grew)

203. Your 272, December 10, 5 p.m., last sentence. Under date October 4, the Governor of Arizona informed the Department that [Page 698] some of the incidents occurring in the Salt River Valley might be attributable to communistic activities, and the Governor’s statement to this effect appeared in the press.

For your further information. Everything possible continues to be done to prevent unlawful acts and to protect the rights of all concerned. To this end Department of Justice agents are investigating in the affected area and the Governor of Arizona has established an arbitration committee. The Department also continues to follow developments with the closest attention. Fortunately the sporadic acts of violence that have occurred to date have caused no serious injury to Japanese persons, and only very slight damage to property.

The latest development known to the Department was an informal call on November 30 by the Japanese Ambassador when the Ambassador called attention to a press item of November 29 in regard to the hurling of two bombs and left an informal typewritten statement76 recapitulating incidents that have been reported from Arizona up to date. The Ambassador said that he thought conditions were improving somewhat.

The agitation in Arizona is not anti-Japanese in character but is directed at all alien elements whose mode of living and economic activity conflict with certain native American elements. The Department appreciates the attitude of the Foreign Minister which is clearly calculated to discourage development of undesirable complications.

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