The Secretary of State to the Japanese Chargé (Fujii)

Sir: I acknowledge the receipt of your note, dated September 26, 1934, in which there are cited reported instances of hostile acts directed against the persons and property of certain Japanese nationals resident in the State of Arizona, and in which you request that necessary steps be taken to assure protection for the lives and property of Japanese nationals residing in that State.

Conformably to the assurance given to you on the occasion of your call at the Department on August 20, that every appropriate effort would be made, the Department brought to the attention of the appropriate authorities of the State of Arizona the existence of apprehension lest there arise in that State a critical situation affecting the lives and property of Japanese nationals. Assurances were promptly received from the authorities concerned that there had been taken and would be taken appropriate measures with a view to protecting the lawful interests of all persons involved.

The purport of your note under acknowledgment has been communicated to the Governor of the State of Arizona, and it may confidently be expected that he and other authorities concerned will not remit their efforts in the premises.

I take this occasion to confirm the assurances which have already been conveyed to you orally by officers of the Department that the American Government, desiring to promote an adjustment by lawful processes of difficulties that may exist or may arise affecting Japanese nationals resident in the State of Arizona, will continue to give the matter its solicitous and careful attention.

Accept [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
William Phillips