893.711/117: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in China (Johnson)

13. Your despatch No. 2413, December 7, 1933.38

In the light of the information contained in your despatch under reference, you are authorized, in your discretion, either with or without similar action by your British colleague to acknowledge receipt of the note of November 17, 1933, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs39 and to state that the American Government has no objection to the voluntary pro forma registration of American periodicals and publications with the Ministry of Interior but that it can not compel such American periodicals and publications to register, and that it can not accept as applicable to them, whether registered or not, the penal provisions or administrative control provided in the press law of China.
If the British Government assents to the application of the law to its nationals, Department suggests the desirability of communicating decision of both governments simultaneously.40
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