The Chargé in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

No. 3025

Sir: Referring to the Legation’s despatch No. 2904, August 14, 1934,40 and to the Hongkong Consul General’s despatch to the Department No. 942, June 30, 1934, in regard to the exportation of arms and munitions of war to China, I have the honor to enclose a copy of the Canton Consul General’s despatch to the Legation No. 327, September 29, 1934,41 from which it will be seen that National Government permits (huchaos) are not required for airplanes entering Canton, local “huchaos” being sufficient.

The evidence now available indicates that the National Government is unable to enforce its regulations with respect to the importation of arms and munitions of war into territory under the control of the Southwest Political Council or into Yunnan province.

There is no evidence, however, that this inability to enforce its regulations in those regions places American exporters at a disadvantage as compared with the exporters of other nationalities.

Respectfully yours,

C. E. Gauss
  1. See footnote 38, p. 511.
  2. Not printed.