693.11241 Manchuria/1

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in China (Gauss)

No. 1512

Sir: Reference is made to the Legation’s despatch No. 3019 of October 3, 1934, enclosing a copy of a despatch dated September 21, 1934, from the American Consul General, Harbin,26 in which he discusses the desirability of the retention by the Foreign Service officers at Harbin and Mukden of privileges of free customs entry, and proposes, subject to the concurrence of the Legation, to take up this matter informally and personally with the appropriate “Manchukuo” officials. The Legation reports that it informed the Consul General that, as this is a matter in regard to which no reciprocal arrangement is possible, it cannot authorize him to take the action suggested but that it has forwarded a copy of his despatch to the Department for its consideration.

The Department approves the action taken by the Legation in regard to this matter and desires that, in view of the fact that it is not possible under existing conditions for the Department to consider granting reciprocal privileges to “Manchukuo” officials, the Consul General at Harbin be instructed to refrain from entering into discussions of whatever nature looking to the conclusion of such an arrangement.

It is suggested that a copy of this instruction be sent to the Consulate General at Harbin and to the Consulate General at Mukden.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
William Phillips
  1. Neither printed.