710.G Economic and Financial Problems/2: Telegram

The Chairman of the American Delegation (Hull) to the Acting Secretary of State

46. With reference to topic 9(d) of agenda I believe that it would be valuable as a tangible expression of our good will to our South American neighbors if I could be in a position to say to other delegations that the United States has taken the lead in abolishing passport and visa formalities within the Western Hemisphere.

Will you take this up with Carr31 and the President from a standpoint of broad policy and see if section 2 (4) of the Executive Order Number 5869 of June 30, 1932, cannot be amended so as to put tourists of all countries in the Western Hemisphere on the same basis as regards exemption from passport and visa requirements as are now citizens of Canada, Mexico, et cetera. I do not feel that as a matter of fact this relaxation in the regulations would in the slightest degree endanger the enforcement of our restrictive immigration laws. I would appreciate an early reply by telegraph and hope that you will be able to say that the President has signed or is about to sign the suggested amendment to the executive order.

  1. Wilbur J. Carr, Assistant Secretary of State.