710.G/375: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Wilson) to the Acting Secretary of State

218. 1. The Secretary of State is reported in a Havas despatch from Montevideo appearing in this morning’s press as having stated the following at Pan American Conference (translation) “I ask myself if the Union will not be brought in the near future to collaborate with the League of Nations in a much closer manner than up to the present. This cooperation could certainly be established while preserving to each of these institutions its own character, but also it could be that to assure a much greater efficiency in this cooperation that the day might be envisaged where there would be a transformation of the Pan American Union into an organization complementary to the League of Nations of which it would become a sort of Pan American prolongation. In both instances it would be necessary to change the regulations (statutes) of the Pan American Union”.

2. League opinion which has thus far come to my attention is one of great interest in view of the support the statement is felt to give the League in its present critical situation in contradistinction to Mussolini’s18 critical attitude.

3. I should appreciate information as to whether the statement of Mr. Hull is accurately reported.

  1. Benito Mussolini, Prime Minister of Italy.