The Minister in Panama (Davis) to the Secretary of State

No. 1520

Sir: I have the honor to refer to the Department’s instruction No. 480, dated February 6, 1933, with reference to the desire of the Department to reach an agreement with the Panamanian Government, as a [Page 637] party to the Habana Convention of Commercial Aviation, with respect to the conditions under which the aircraft of each country may enter the territory of the other, within the terms of the Convention and without recourse to diplomatic channels, and to report that, since this question is one which concerns the Joint Aviation Board of Panama, a copy of the Instruction under reference was sent to the Governor of the Panama Canal on February 20, 1933.

On March 17, 1933, the Governor recommended that, in endeavoring to reach an agreement with Panama on this subject, the matter be referred to the Panamanian Government with the request that it be presented to the Commercial Aviation Commission for consideration.

Accordingly, on April 5, 1933, I handed the Secretary for Foreign Affairs a Memorandum, dated April 3, 1933. A copy of this Memorandum is enclosed for the Department’s information.33

The matter of reaching the desired agreement will be pursued following the receipt of information as to the action taken by the Commercial Aviation Commission.

Respectfully yours,

Roy T. Davis
  1. Not printed.