710.G1A/298: Telegram

The Chairman of the American Delegation ( Hull ) to the Acting Secretary of State

35. Late yesterday the subcommittee of myself and four others including Puig unanimously agreed to recommend to Steering Committee that the entire Puig financial and economic proposals be referred to the Inter-American High Commission, a dormant agency of the Pan American Union, for consideration and it will supposedly meet in Chile during coming months. We had great difficulty in dealing with this matter but the outcome with perfectly good feeling was fine. The Steering Committee today unanimously approved the subcommittee report.

I confer with most heads of delegations daily urging harmony and other suitable accomplishments. The general spirit exhibited at present is good.

League of Nations matter based on individual request of Nogueira and not official League request—the discovery of which automatically settled that matter.5

  1. This information was transmitted in telegram No. 293, November 13, 1933, 2 p.m., from the Consul at Geneva, not printed.