711.3827/1 Supplemental

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Haiti (Armour)

No. 106

The Acting Secretary of State refers to instruction No. 61 of June 7, 1933, and informs the Legation that according to despatches from the American Chargé d’Affaires ad interim in San José and the American Minister in Panama City the Governments of Costa Rica and Panama are in accord with the interpretation given to Article 4 of the Habana Convention by the United States, namely, that private aircraft of a contracting party may, subject to the technical requirements regarding entry and clearance and the laws and regulations in force, enter territory of another contracting party without the necessity of requesting formal permission for the flight through the diplomatic mission of the country whose nationality the aircraft possesses or through the diplomatic mission of the country to be visited.

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The following countries, parties to the Habana Convention, have now agreed to the above procedure with respect to the entry and clearance of foreign civil aircraft: the United States, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Should the Minister deem it advisable in his discussions with the Haitian authorities to make use of the above information, he may do so.