The Minister in Costa Rica (Sack) to the Secretary of State

No. 92

Sir: Adverting to Instruction No. 9 of January 3, 1934 (File No. 711.1827/2), I have the honor to transmit herewith a copy of my Note No. 7 dated January 15, 1934 to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica,4 in which I informed Minister Pacheco that the appropriate authorities of the United States have been instructed that no special authorization from the Government of the United States is necessary for the entry into the United States of civil aircraft of Costa Rican registry.

With my Note No. 7, I transmitted to the Foreign Minister, for the information of the appropriate Costa Rican authorities, a copy of Aeronautics Bulletin No. 7–C of the United States Department of Commerce, entitled “Department of Commerce Regulations Governing Entry and Clearance of Aircraft, Effective as Amended April 7, 1931, and United States Airport of Entry Regulations, Effective November 1, 1931”.

It would appear that this matter can now be considered officially closed and that the mutual operation of the interpretation, outlined in the Department’s Instruction No. 291 of August 1, 1933, of the Convention on Commercial Aviation adopted by the delegates to the Sixth International Conference of American States, held at Habana from January 16 to February 20, 1928, is now definitely established.

Respectfully yours,

Leo R. Sack
  1. Not printed.