576.E1/307: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico (Daniels) to the Acting Secretary of State

139. Department’s instruction 62, June 21. Foreign Office informed the Embassy today that it is in agreement with views expressed by the Department and has suggested to Ministry of Communications that it concur. No reply yet received from communications.

Foreign Office likewise reported further regarding countries invited as follows:

“Canada and Cuba apparently intend to accept. Nicaragua to be represented by Chargé d’Affaires here.[”]

Mexican Legation in Honduras reports that Honduras will be represented by William E. Beakes now in New York of Tropical Radio Telegraphic Company which is associated with United Fruit Company. Foreign Office stated that although Beakes apparently is connected with private radio interests no objection can be made as each Government has obviously a right to appoint delegates it desires.

Department may wish to make suitable representations to Government of Honduras in accordance with views contained in Department’s instruction 62.14

  1. In reply to this last paragraph, telegram No. 95, July 5, stated: “The Department does not believe that it can justifiably interfere in this selection particularly if the nomination of Mr. Beakes by Honduras is agreeable to the Mexican Government.”