The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Mexico (Daniels)

No. 62

Sir: With reference to previous correspondence relating to the North and Central American Radio Conference, the Department desires the Embassy to ascertain the intention of the Mexican Government with reference to the admission of representatives of private organizations and companies to the meetings of the Conference and of its committees.

The European Broadcasting Conference which met at Lucerne beginning May 15, 1933,9 admitted representatives of only five specifically designated international organizations whose admission had been approved five months in advance of the Conference, by all the countries involved. No national organizations or companies were admitted. The Department believes that the precedent set by the European conference is a good one for the North and Central American Conference.

A number of organizations and companies in the United States have [Page 587] indicated their desire to send representatives to the Conference. The Department does not support these requests as it is convinced that the problems to be settled at the Conference are solely for the determination of the governments concerned. It would therefore be prepared to support a decision by the Mexican Government to exclude from the Conference all persons not members of the official delegations. If, however, the Mexican Government decides upon a different course, the Department would like to be advised in order that it may indicate what organizations and companies it wishes to have invited to the Conference.

The Department believes strongly that it is inadvisable to admit representatives of private organizations and companies to the conference, and it desires the Embassy to use its discretion in determining how to secure the adoption of the same views by the Mexican Government.

Please telegraph the decision of the Mexican Government on the point.

Very truly yours,

William Phillips
  1. Held at Lucerne, May 15–June 19, 1933. For text of the Convention signed at this Conference, and texts of other documents, see Documents de la Conference européenne des radiocommunications, Lucerne, mai–juin 1983 (Berne, Bureau de I’Union international des Telecommunications, 1933); or League of Nations Treaty Series, vol. cliv, p. 133.