710.G Personnel/336: Telegram

The Chairman of the American Delegation (Hull) to the Acting Secretary of State

30. In meeting of Steering Committee this morning application was promptly made for League of Nations to send an observer to this Conference. Seeing possibility of other early applications of international organizations I immediately moved that the application and all others hereafter made during this Conference be referred to a special committee on policy to be appointed by the Chair and stated that my motion had nothing to do with the merits of the application. The proposal was discussed for more than 2 hours during which some additional provisions to the motion such as the plan to have policy committee to examine and restate if necessary the functions and purposes of the Pan American Union and to decide whether in cooperating internationally with other parts of the world this organization should do so maintaining its identity and the integrity of its organization or whether it should involve and interlock its organization with other organizations of Old World or they with it to any material extent. Some suggested that the League observer should be admitted for the time being on account of League peace activities in Chaco but not as a precedent. I thereupon requested that my original motion be placed and kept on record whereupon adjournment was taken until 11 tomorrow with no vote taken.

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Please wire any suggestions. Most likely any observer will be prohibited from executive sessions but only allowed a chair to sit in public sessions.