710.G1A/289: Telegram

The Chairman of the American Delegation ( Hull ) to the Acting Secretary of State

24. Conference in process of organization today and yesterday. Chile and Brazil to represent chapters I and II of agenda respectively which is very satisfactory. Puig debt, silver, bimetallism, and string of other additional proposals most of which entirely impracticable now, will probably as courtesy be received and referred to committee. We can probably postpone or defeat most of his proposals. Our fight will be to postpone by referring to committee. Our relations with most delegations very cordial. We are preparing to get chapter II referred and postponed if possible. Chapter IV of agenda has been divided and portions assigned to new committees numbers 9 and 10 but [Page 158] subjects not yet fully classified as to each committee. I informally and individually presented to the dominant leaders our Government’s position about proposed Spanish observer but notwithstanding in the meeting of the committee on initiative this morning they overwhelmingly decided to put it through each leader having a set speech prepared. I felt unjustified in raising a row by precipitating a debate and vote which would have had unfortunate results later during the Conference.

Cuban speech fell flat. Other delegations on their own initiative censured the speech materially as being in bad taste—largely for home consumption and therefore grossly inappropriate as a reply to the welcoming address of the President of the Conference.

Tomorrow will be devoted to meetings of the various committees for organization purposes.