710.G/307: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Weddell) to the Secretary of State

99. I called on Minister of Foreign Affairs today on his invitation. He said he was in receipt of information from his Embassy in Montevideo that situation there was extremely tense, almost amounting to revolution. That this emphasized the advisability of postponement of the Conference for 3 or 4 months, citing the complicated questions of Leticia, Paraguay-Bolivia, Cuba and Uruguay itself. That to go to Montevideo now “is like entering a house on fire”. Further, that preliminary discussions absolutely necessary and that meeting of Institute of International Law offered such facilities. He also showed me telegram from James Brown Scott asking him to preside at sessions here of American Institute of International Law, Scott not being able to attend. He said a confidential agent of Uruguayan Government would be in Buenos Aires Monday when (I understood him to say) he would endeavor so to discuss matters as to bring about suggestion of postponement from Uruguay. He continued “everyone is agreed that Conference should be postponed but no one wants to take the initiative”. He read me extracts from despatch from his Ambassador at Rio de Janeiro reporting conversation with the President of Brazil, the latter desiring postponement, one reason being meeting of Leticia delegates in Rio de Janeiro during sessions of the Conference.

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As the Department is aware Minister Wright is here today and I have discussed matter with him and have shown him this telegram. Wright says:

“At no time have Uruguayan officials in conversations with me assumed that the Conference will not take place as planned and have expressed exasperation at Minister of Foreign Affairs’ attitude as well as surprise that the Argentine Government has not yet officially accented the invitation of the Uruguayan Government. Further, the political situation in Uruguay is unchanged, save for a recent flurry regarding presidential aspirations of certain individuals and unpleasant repercussions arising from the death of a political adversary of the President who was killed after resisting arrest. Telephonic advices from Montevideo this afternoon confirm that the situation is under complete control. Am returning to Montevideo evening of 29th.”