The Secretary of State to the Uruguayan Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Mañé )19

Excellency: I have received Your Excellency’s courteous communication of August 7, 1933, in which you extend an invitation to the Government of the United States of America to participate in the Seventh International Conference of American States to be held at Montevideo on December 3, 1933.

I am happy to assure Your Excellency that my Government accepts this invitation with great pleasure and will be represented at the Conference by an official delegation, the composition of which will be reported to your Government in due course.

You have pointed out in your note the difficulties and the stress of present day conditions and have urged that the Pan American spirit on the occasion of the forth-coming Conference find expression in practical action along lines calculated to ameliorate these conditions and to draw our nations together in paths of political and economic peace. I am in agreement with Your Excellency that these are indeed the steps which the nations of the Americas should take and I am hopeful that the Conference to be held in Montevideo will long endure in our memories as an example of what can effectively be accomplished when good neighbors meet in a spirit of mutual respect and friendliness to discuss and adjust their problems.

Accept [etc.]

Cordell Hull
  1. Delivered to Dr. Alberto Mañé” by the American Minister in Uruguay, October 10, in accordance with Department’s instruction No. 185, September 20.