The Secretary of State to the Siamese Minister (Prince Damras)

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of October 16, 1933, in which you inform me that you have been instructed by His Majesty’s Government that there are certain provisions in the existing Treaty of Friendship and Commerce between Siam and the United States which His Majesty’s Government desires to have modified and that His Majesty’s Government has requested Mr. Raymond B. Stevens, the Adviser in Foreign Affairs, who is now in Washington, to conduct negotiations with the Department to that end. You state, in particular, that these provisions are those relating to the subject of monopolies (Article 3, paragraph 2); to the requisition of private property in time of war (Article 1, paragraph 4); to most-favored-nation treatment in regard to customs duties and formalities (Article 7); and to most-favored-nation treatment in regard to the rights, privileges, et cetera of Consular officers and agents (Article 13, paragraph 3).

In reply, I am happy to inform you that the Department is prepared to enter into discussion of the provisions in question, with a view to modification or amendment of the Treaty, at such time as may be convenient to you and Mr. Stevens. It is possible that the Department, in the course of these discussions, may have, on its part, certain suggestions for the modification of other provisions of the Treaty.

In this connection, I wish to confirm the request, already made orally, that you request of His Majesty’s Foreign Office that it give to the American Legation at Bangkok information similar to that which you and Mr. Stevens have given me with regard to the proposals which His Majesty’s Government has made for modification of the Treaty under reference.

Accept [etc.]

Cordell Hull