393.1111 M Nielsen, Niels/76: Telegram

The Minister in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

832. Department’s 356, October 26, 8 p.m.44 Following from American Consul General at Mukden:

“October 30, 4 p.m. For the purpose of complying with the Legation’s October 28, 3 p.m., I have called on my Japanese colleague this afternoon. I have also called on the local Japanese military and provisional authorities concerned to express my appreciation of their assistance in this case.”

Nielsen reports that the bandits having lost hope of a large ransom and being in urgent need of funds accepted the Mission’s order [sic] offer of $10,000 local currency the subsequent escorting of the captive to a point near the hospital having been carried out without the assistance of the authorities. Consul General Myers adds that anti-bandit operations in the vicinity apparently expedited the release. Nielsen reported as apparently well.

  1. Not printed.