The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in China (Johnson)

No. 1102

Sir: Reference is made to your despatches Nos. 1937 of February 1, 1933, and 2035 of April 3, 1933, to your telegram No. 436, May 15, 1933, 2 p.m. and to Shanghai’s despatch No. 7454 of February 6, 1933, to the Legation, in regard to the protection in China of American patents.67

You are directed to watch closely the situation in China as regards the protection of American patents and, from time to time on appropriate occasions, to impress on the Chinese authorities that the American Government expects the Chinese Government to take adequate steps at an early date to enact the necessary legislation for the protection of American patents in China.

Very truly yours,

William Phillips
  1. Despatches not printed.