493.11/1684: Telegram

The Minister in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

229. Next Boxer Indemnity payment falls due March 31 unless further postponement is agreed upon. Final installment of $250,000 under the terms of the agreement of July 1932 was made to China Foundation and Tsing Hua University in February. In order that these and other interested institutions as well as the Ministry of Finance may know where they stand as regards the immediate future it seems desirable that some reply be made to the Foreign Office note of February 13, 1933,44 requesting further postponement. My British and Italian colleagues are without instructions but I wonder whether Department may not now be prepared to instruct me as requested in my telegram No. 159 of February 17, 11 p.m.

  1. See telegram No. 159, February 17, 11 p.m., from the Minister in China, p. 662.