893.102S/1273: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in China (Johnson)

104. Your 287, March 29, noon.43 With regard to the remaining course of action referred to by the Consul General and the statement contained in the last sentence of the third paragraph of his despatch 8326, June 11, 1932, to the Department,43 to the effect that the Department’s instructions will be sought, the Department is of the opinion that its previous instructions 298, September 1, 1932, 6 p.m.44 and 359, October 31, 1932, noon,45 are still adequate in that substantially they authorize you and the Consul General to continue your efforts to bring about the consummation of an agreement, but a strictly local agreement as between local authorities, which does not require the signatures of representatives of the American Government. If you desire further instructions or comment on the part of the Department, the Department desires that you and the Consul General first discuss the entire situation thoroughly with your interested colleagues and inform the Department regarding the views of the other [Page 611]interested powers as expressed by their representatives in such discussions, together with your comment and recommendations.