893.00/12514: Telegram

The Counselor of Legation in China (Gauss) to the Acting Secretary of State

848. Legation’s 839, November 7, 10 a.m. Following from Minister at Nanking:

“I am opposed to idea of officially authorizing American merchant ships to carry Chinese troops in present or similar emergency.

2. Understand British position to be the same although both British Minister and I recognize fact that if companies, contrary to our advice, enter into charter arrangements with Chinese authorities on their own responsibility for the purpose mentioned, matter passes beyond our control except that in our case at least I agree with Admiral Upham that responsibility for protection of our ships ceases, at least for duration of such charter.”61

Foregoing repeated to Commander in Chief Asiatic Fleet and to Consul General at Hankow for information.

  1. The Department, in telegram No. 373, November 13, 5 p.m., informed the Minister in China that the Department concurred in his views.