893.00/12496: Telegram

The Minister in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

822. Department’s 359, October 28, 2 p.m., has been repeated to American Consul[s General,] Hankow and Shanghai and to Commander in Chief United States Asiatic Fleet.

[Page 539]

2. Following from Commander in Chief:

“0029. Tern, British gunboat, informs me decision on Kiawo reversed and she will enter and unload and see what happens. No definite decision from British Minister. Early this Sunday morning sent Liu Hsiang59 another letter stating in view of the fact Chinese shipping being released because eased military situation, no longer necessary hold Yangtze Rapid boats pending further word from American Minister and requesting he order boycott lighted [lifted?]. 0940.”

“0029. Following received today from U.S.S. Tutuila at Chungking quoted for your information:

‘A morning paper prints an article stating that since Marshal Liu Hsiang needed ships to take soldiers and the French and Italians had agreed, but the Americans had refused, the Americans were no friendly nation to China and the society therefore gave instructions to break off relations with them. Later report on newspaper articles translates it as boycott on Yangtze Rapid Company only. Will verify translation as soon as possible.’ 312”.

Have replied to Commander in Chief in part as follows:

“Your 0029–0940 and 0029–312. Legation is not informed concerning steamer Kiawo and decision which you state was reversed. Will appreciate information concerning this matter and also concerning letter sent presumably by commander of Tutuila to General Liu Hsiang. Will also much appreciate information concerning current developments at Chungking as reported by Tutuila”

  1. Gen. Liu Hsiang, Chinese commander, Twenty-first Army, in Szechwan.