893.00/12420: Telegram

The Minister in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

713. My 711, August 28, noon.49 The following telegram has been received from Foochow:

“August 28, 11 a.m. My August 27, 5 [1] p.m. Yenping reported to have fallen to Reds. Fifty-sixth Nationalist Division retreated from Yangkow without firing a shot and now has its main force at Kienningfu. Lu Hsing-pang, since the recent defeat of his government by Reds, has concentrated troublous remnants at Yuki. Nineteenth Route Army has only a small force in this consular district, occupying the Min River between Foochow and a point a little above Shuikow. Families of Cantonese officials left Foochow yesterday. Foochow practically defenseless in the event that the Reds decide [Page 530] to come down river. I strongly recommend that an American naval vessel be sent to Foochow for the protection of American lives in the event that evacuation should become necessary. All Americans from Yenping arrived in Foochow last night. Following Americans in danger zone reported to be en route Foochow: Padres Paul Curran, John H. I. [John H. Grace] and Bernard C. Werner.”

I concur with Burke’s recommendation that a naval vessel be sent to Foochow and have requested the Commander in Chief of the Asiatic Fleet to separate one to be stationed there during the present emergency.

  1. Not printed.