793.94 Advisory Committee/46: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Switzerland (Wilson), at Geneva

119. 1. The Department has received without covering despatch a letter addressed by Sir Eric Drummond to the Secretary of State dated June 1297 enclosing a copy of a circular98 relating to the measures involved by the non-recognition of Manchukuo drawn up [Page 376] by the Advisory Committee; also, without covering despatch, a copy of a circular by the Secretary General, C. L. 117(a). 1933. VII. Geneva, 14 June 1933, which apparently covers to Governments represented on the Advisory Committee which drew up the circular under reference copies of the circular. The second paragraph of the Secretary General’s circular of June 14 reads as follows:

“As your Government was represented on the Advisory Committee which drew up this circular, the Committee presumes that, unless you inform me to the contrary, your Government will, as far as it is concerned, adopt the measures recommended”.

Under the circumstances, the Department has some doubt with regard to what affirmative action, if any, on its part should be expected or would be appropriate.

2. Please inform Avenol orally and in confidence that the Department has received Sir Eric Drummond’s letter under reference and is giving the substance of the letter and its enclosure attentive consideration.

Also, endeavor discreetly to ascertain whether the League has received replies from any governments indicating that they are not in accord with the contents of the Advisory Committee’s circular.

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