793.94/6375: Telegram

The Consul General at Canton (Ballantine) to the Secretary of State

Referring to my telegrams of June 6, 3 p.m. and June 9, 5 p.m.,75 I have today received a note from the Mayor enclosing a communication dated today and addressed by the Southwest Political Council to the League of Nations and to the signatories of the Nine-Power Pact declaring that it will not recognize the validity of the armistice concluded by Nanking and that it will be compelled to take steps to safeguard Chinese honor and vital interests. It states that civil [Page 363] war is certain, that [to be] the outcome if the Chairman of the Nanking Military Commission carries out his deal with the help of [with the Japanese] General Staff. The Mayor requested that I transmit this communication to the Legation. Copies by mail.76

A high official has informed me that this communication was to have been issued a week ago but that there was a delay in obtaining final agreement to the text. This informant stated confidentially that conferences looking to the establishment of this government are proceeding in Canton and Hong Kong, but he doubted whether a formal break would come for 2 months. Another usually reliable informant stated that there is a difference of opinion on policy within the Kwangtung military clique, but that a decision may be expected in a week. There is also a rumor that the discussions have been temporarily checked by dispute between Chen Chi-tang and Chen Ming-shu77 over certain privileges in Kwangtung demanded by latter.

Repeated to the Department, Legation and Nanking.

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  3. Members of Kuomintang Central Executive Committee.