033.9411 Matsuoka, Yosuke/24

Memorandum by the Secretary of State of a Conversation With Mr. Yosuke Matsuoka

Mr. Matsuoka came in alone, being introduced by Mr. Gumming of my outer office, to pay his respects. I had already indicated that I would not undertake a discussion of Far Eastern problems with him at this time. He was very affable and after a couple of minutes casual words of greeting and exchange of personal complimentary references, he arose to go. He then expressed his regret and that of his country at the idea of having felt obliged to quit the League. He left a printed pamphlet with me with the request that I read it. The pamphlet seems to comprise a number of speeches of Matsuoka, including the statement of his delegation when it quit the League and when it walked out of this Assembly on February 24, 1933. I assured him that I would be glad to read the different speeches, etc. As he was about to depart, he spoke against the idea of war between the two countries and urged that Japan be given time in which to make herself better understood, et cetera, insisting that he would undertake personally to do his full share in this direction upon his return home.

I was courteous but virtually silent while he was offering these parting remarks.

C[ordell] H[ull]