793.94 Advisory Committee/28: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Wilson) to the Secretary of State

158. At a meeting this afternoon of the Advisory Committee on Manchuria the Secretary General reported the telegram from the [Page 258] Japanese Government concerning notice of withdrawal from the League and his reply thereto.79

Lester suggested that a further declaration might be made by the Committee contesting the interpretation of the international law which the Japanese note presented. After some discussion it was decided that no further declaration should be made, since the matter was adequately covered by the debates and the report of the Assembly.

The Chairman announced that the Secretariat had been requested to make a study of the situation bearing upon nonrecognition of Manchukuo. Pilotti, Undersecretary General, who had been charged with this study, made a report of considerable interest touching on various international organizations to which Manchukuo had requested or might aspire to membership, the question of money and the question of passports. It was suggested in the debate that the Secretariat also study the question of contracts and the question of exequaturs for Consuls. Pilotti’s report was of a preliminary nature. He will carry his studies further and eventually a report will be circulated to the members of the Committee who will be later summoned to discuss it.

The Chairman raised the question of embargo. It was apparent from the remarks of Great Britain, Germany, Czechoslovakia and others that they did not consider that this question could be usefully studied at the present time; at least until the question raised in the Advisory Committee on the Leticia Dispute (my 155, March 22, 1 [3] p.m.80) had been studied further and the attitude of the various governments ascertained.

  1. For text of the telegram of March 27 and reply by the Secretary-General of March 28, see League of Nations, Official Journal, March 1933, pp. 657–658.
  2. Printed in vol. iv, section on the Leticia Dispute.