793.94/6079: Telegram

The Consul General at Tientsin (Lockhart) to the Secretary of State

Charles O. Kautto, American missionary of Church of the Brethren Mission residing at Taitowying, Hopei, informs me by letter of March 19 that native mission helper has arrived there from Mutowteng and reported that that place occupied by Japanese March 9 and that Japanese troops occupying American mission property and using such things as they need but had broken no locks. Same mission helper reports Shwangshantze occupied by Japanese March 11 and that American mission property there being used by Japanese troops although no locks to private living quarters broken. Japanese soldiers occupying mission property described as follows: Mutowteng Fortieth Machine Company, Tenth Army; Shwangshantze Tenth Company, Tenth Army. Mutowteng and Shwangshantze are in Hopei Province northwest Shanhaikwan and outside the Wall. Mission property not registered this Consulate but red deeds in possession mission authorities. This matter being brought to the attention of Japanese Consul General Tientsin and is reported for such further action as Legation and Department may deem advisable.

Kautto further reports that Taitowying which is situated this side of Great Wall was visited by Japanese airplane on March 18 and two bombs dropped on commercial properties about 250 yards north of mission compound “on which some harmless shrapnel fell”. Two Chinese killed on commercial properties by shrapnel.

Telegram published today from Tsunhua (70 li west of Hsifengkou and inside the Wall) states 5 Japanese airplanes visited that place March 20 and dropped 20 bombs destroying 5 houses and killing or wounding 10 persons.

Responsible Chinese returning to Tientsin from Shanhaikwan today reports 7,000 Chang Hsueh-liang soldiers have gone over to Manchukuo at unidentified place north of Wall. Not confirmed.