361.1115 Robinson, Donald L./47: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in the Soviet Union (Henderson)

9. In view of the facts reported in your telegram no. 1, January 5,2 p.m.,31 you are requested to communicate to the Soviet Government substantially the following:

On December 8, 1937, officers of the American Embassy had a brief conversation in the National Hotel with a person who was a guest at that hotel and who seems to have been known in Moscow as Mrs. Robinson or Mrs. Rubens. When these officers sought to have a further conversation with her in the morning of December 9 they were informed that she had disappeared. They have not subsequently seen her nor has the Embassy received any communication from her.
This person now has been identified as Ruth Marie Boerger Rubens, an American citizen who was born in Philadelphia on May 27, 1908; was married to Adolph Arnold Rubens on May 18, 1935; and was granted American passport no. 264324 on April 3, 1936.

In a written communication which you should present at the Foreign Office at the earliest moment possible,32 please formally request information with regard to the present whereabouts of Mrs. Rubens, adding that, in the event she should be under detention or arrest, this Government desires to be informed of the specific charges under which she is being held.

You should make every effort to ascertain the nature of the activities of these individuals, the reason for their concealment of their identity and as well the reasons for their obtaining false passports through fraud and perjury. Advise the Department by telegram of any information you may obtain.

  1. See footnote 30, above.
  2. The Embassy’s note No. 13, dated January 6, 1938, was presented at the People’s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs the next day. (361.1115 Robinson, Donald L./112)