361.1115 Robinson, Donald L./38: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in the Soviet Union (Henderson)

1. 1. The Consulate General at London is forwarding to you copies of the photographs which were affixed to passport applications executed in the names of Donald Louis Robinson, Ruth Norma Robinson, Adolph Arnold Rubens, and Ruth Marie Rubens. These photographs were transmitted to London by telegraph this morning.

2. The first three applications were executed on April 3, 1936, in the office of Albert Marinelli, at that time County Clerk of New York County, New York. It is now known that all three applicants presented in support of their applications documents which did not rightfully belong to them. On the basis of these documents passports were issued.

3. Ruth Marie Rubens applied for a passport on March 31, 1936, at the Passport Agency, New York City. She stated that she was born in Philadelphia on May 27, 1908; that her maiden name was Ruth Marie Boerger; that she had been married to and divorced from Joseph Dudley Braman; and that on May 18, 1935, she married Adolph Arnold Rubens. These statements subsequently have been confirmed by documentary evidence or by members of her family.

4. Adolph Arnold Rubens stated in his application that he was born in Latvia and that he acquired American citizenship through the naturalization of his father. Latter statement is known to be false. Nationality of Rubens is not known to the Department.

5. Mr. and Mrs. Rubens on October 16 departed for Europe on the steamship Rex. Mrs. Rubens’ parents have heard nothing from her [Page 709]subsequent to the receipt of a letter written by her in Paris on November 3.

6. It is possible that the Robinson passports were altered by substituting photographs and used by the Rubens. Upon the receipt of the four photographs please report whether the woman interviewed by officer of Embassy in National Hotel can be identified from them. If any American or non-Soviet national known to you has seen the woman’s husband, please report whether husband can be identified from the photographs.30

  1. The Chargé in his telegram No. 1, January 5, 1938, advised the Department that the photographs were recognized in Moscow as being those of Mr. and Mrs. Rubens (Robinson). (361.1115 Robinson, Donald L./43)