817.00 Bandit Activities/512: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Honduras (Lay)

40. Reference Department’s instruction No. 305, July 1, and Legation’s despatch 599, August 19. The Department desires you to continue to exert your efforts to have the Honduran authorities take every step possible to prevent arms and munitions from reaching Nicaraguan bandits.

You may in your discretion orally inform the President and other Honduran authorities that the Department was surprised to learn of the theft and shipment of Honduran official war materials to Nicaraguan outlaws, and sincerely hopes that the Honduran Government will find the means hereafter effectively to prevent the exportation not only of Government owned stocks but all arms and ammunition in Honduras as required under Article III of the Central American Convention for the Limitation of Armaments signed at Washington February 7, 1923, and ratified by Honduran Congress February 27, 1925.80

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