817.00/7605: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua ( Hanna ) to the Secretary of State

202. My despatch 941, October 20, and previous correspondence.

The representatives of the two historic parties lately engaged in drawing up agreements to be entered into by the parties to insure cooperation between the two parties and peace in Nicaragua following the withdrawal of the marines, called on me yesterday and stated that they had unanimously approved and submitted to the national and legal governing boards of the state parties three agreements covering (1) pacification of Nicaragua (2) partial amendment of the Constitution principally to provide for minority representation in the Government and (3) measures to achieve such minority representation in the next Government pending the reform of the Constitution. They expressed confidence that the agreements would be approved by the National Boards without change prior to election day November 6. It is understood that such approval would constitute acceptance by the parties.

Please note that the agreement for pacification described in my despatch referred to is being held strictly confidential here.