The Minister in Nicaragua (Hanna) to the Secretary of State

No. 934

Sir: Supplementing my despatch No. 927 of October 8, 1932, with which were transmitted a copy and translation of an agreement signed by the principal political leaders now in Nicaragua with respect [Page 837] to cooperation between the parties to maintain peace and order in Nicaragua following the next elections, I have the honor to transmit herewith copy and translation of the detailed plan which accompanied the agreement referred to. Invitations have been issued by the Patriotic Group to the National and Legal Governing Boards of the two parties and the latter have named delegates to meet with each other to agree on the manner of carrying out the detailed plan referred to. The representatives met for the first time on October 13 in Managua. While the meeting was limited to organizing the procedure to be followed, etc., it is reported that the best possible feeling existed among the delegates and high hope was held that successful results would follow.

Respectfully yours,

Matthew E. Hanna

Copy of Plan Which Accompanied Agreement of October 3, 1932

Pacification. To send immediately to General Sandino a representative of each party and one of the Group to negotiate national peace. Agreement between the two parties to work together to solve the problem of national pacification.

Judicial Power. The Supreme Court of Justice will be made up of a majority of Magistrates of the party which obtains the larger number of votes in the elections of Supreme Authorities, and the remainder, of Magistrates of the minority party. The Courts of Appeals shall be made up as follows: a majority of Liberal Magistrates in the Courts of León and Bluefields, and a majority of Conservative Magistrates in the Courts of Grenada and Matagalpa. The District Judges shall be named in the same proportion.

Public Instruction. It is agreed that the profession of teacher is not political and consequently is not subordinate to partisan considerations: therefore, teachers with diplomas should be engaged in the first place, and lacking such, teachers without diplomas but whose competence is recognized.

Economic Control. That the Supreme Tribunal of Accounts should be made up, one half, of accountants of the minority party; and that in the reform of the Constitution provision be included that these appointments should be made by Congress.

Executive Power. To organize the Cabinet under the control of the two parties in the portfolios of Foreign Relations and Finance. Each one of the two parties will have a member in each one of those Ministries, and they, with the respective Minister, will form a Council.

[Page 838]

Consular and Diplomatic Career. Equitable distribution of these functions among citizens able to assist the progress of the country.

Payment of Pensions. Non-preferential payment of pensions.

Constitutional Reform. To agree to request the next Congress to decree the reform of the Constitution for the purpose of including in it the representation of minorities and all those points which conciliate the public acts of Nicaraguans and harmonize in a national way the functions of Government.

Important Administrative Point. Protection of workmen, endeavoring to see that they will not be without work, attending to their just claims, assisting the technical progress of their trades and supporting their social organization.

Propaganda Newspapers. To extend an effective influence in order that the respective propaganda newspapers set forth their points of view on the basis of the merits of the ideas and purposes of the parties, and not by discrediting and defaming their opponents. In any case, it is necessary that comparisons be made in terms which conform to public interest and decorum and the necessary democratic conviviality of the Nicaraguans.