817.00 Woodward Electoral Mission/99: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua ( Hanna ) to the Secretary of State

105. Department’s telegram No. 57, June 21, 2 p.m. Admiral Woodward informs me that he has made a thorough study of the situation and submits the following revised estimate:

“If such personnel as now en route and order is increased by marine personnel from Special Service Squadron (approximately 4 officers and 150 men) plus 60 enlisted marine personnel from coco stockade [Coco Solo?], the Electoral Mission can approximately execute plan ‘C as regards electoral supervision, but with material reduction in security. Such reduction of security will result in further reduction of polling places under American control and consequent degree of supervision below the approximate 50 percent contemplated under [Page 808] plan ‘C’. Security forces and electoral personnel will have to be balanced as conditions and unforeseen changes in situation demand at time of registration and election.

With regard to the cost and money available for such, if $150,000 is obtained from the Nicaraguan Government this amount plus the money from the State Department will be approximately sufficient to cover the expenses within Nicaragua (transportation, commutation, et cetera) by reducing the per diem for enlisted personnel from $3.10 to $2.50 and by possible savings in items.

In view of the indefiniteness of so many uncertain factors bearing on this situation it must be understood that the Electoral Mission reserves the right to make further call upon the Nicaraguan Government in excess of $150,000 as noted in the State Department’s telegram if it should finally prove that with our best efforts for economical administration this amount is not sufficient.[”]