411.12/1471: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico ( Clark ) to the Secretary of State

110. Referring to the Department’s instruction No. 284, June 20, and [here follows list of telegrams not printed.]

I understand the Department wishes me to proceed to discuss en bloc settlement so soon as the claims convention renewals and protocols are signed.
If Department confirms this understanding I shall, subject to the Department’s further instructions, proceed as follows:
Having ascertained that Mexican officials desire me to name the minimum sum we can accept as an en bloc settlement I shall name 50 million dollars as the “take it or leave it” amount explaining to them how we arrive at that figure (Department’s telegram number 5512 under reference paragraph 6).
I shall at the same time suggest as the other terms of the adjustment, [Page 740]
  • First. Mutual relinquishment of all those claims from the nationals of the one country against the other that are covered by the two claims conventions including relinquishment of awards already made, the barring clauses of the two conventions to be fully operative.
  • Second. The United States will establish a domestic commission to pass upon all claims filed before the two Commissions in accordance with the rules and principles laid down in the conventions, the Mexican Government to furnish upon request all the evidence in its possession regarding such claims.
  • Third. The United States will relieve the Mexican Government from the payment of such part of the 50 million dollars as is not required to cover the awards already made plus the awards made by the domestic commission on the claims filed before the two Commissions.
The Mexican Government will be asked to suggest for the Department’s consideration the terms of payment including interest on all installments.
I await Department’s instructions.
  1. Dated April 6, noon; not printed.