815.00 Revolutions/368: Telegram

The Minister in Honduras ( Lay ) to the Secretary of State

104. Five hundred government Nationalist troops defeated 200 insurgents yesterday 20 kilometres south of Tegucigalpa capturing 75 rifles, 5 machine guns and 3 trucks. Fonseca, with perhaps 50 followers, fled westerly direction pursued by small body Nationalists. Five hundred loyal troops now leaving for Comayagua to engage Umaña who is reported with 1,000 men coming from Siguatepeque. About 700 Nationalist troops are pursuing Umaña from north and west. If Umaña decisively defeated this week backbone of revolution [Page 728] probably would be broken and problem of securing funds to continue campaign settled.

Desultory shooting by uncontrolled drunken soldiers prevalent in streets here last few days. A few military patrols placed in Tegucigalpa last night to protect civilians.