The Secretary of State to the Minister in Honduras (Lay)

No. 360

The Secretary of State transmits herewith for the information of the Minister a copy of despatch No. 795, dated October 7, 1932, from the American Legation at Guatemala,8 with respect to a conversation which Minister Whitehouse had with President Ubico on October 3, 1932, and in which the latter is reported to have made known his willingness to loan arms and munitions to Zuñiga Huete in case he is elected President of Honduras.

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In this connection the Minister is informed that the Department in telegram No. 41, dated October 27, 1932,9 instructed Minister Whitehouse promptly and orally to call to the attention of President Ubico the provisions of Article XIV of the General Treaty of Peace and Amity and Article III of the Convention for the Limitation of Armaments signed at Washington February 7, 1923,10 both of which agreements were ratified on May 23, 1924, by the National Legislative Assembly of Guatemala. Minister Whitehouse also was instructed to endeavor to impress upon President Ubico the extremely unfortunate effect of any non-observance of the terms of the treaties mentioned. Telegram No. 72 of October 28, 1932, from Minister Whitehouse9 informed the Department that the Guatemalan Government will strictly observe the provisions of the treaties.

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