815.00/4545: Telegram

The Minister in Honduras ( Lay ) to the Secretary of State

86. With Presidential and congressional elections 2 days off order prevails throughout Honduras. The Nationalists continue their accusations of imposition against the Executive which can be largely discounted as party prejudice and the desires to furnish an excuse for Congress which is expected to have Nationalist majority to refuse to ratify the election of the Liberal candidate if Nationalist candidate loses Presidential election. The President is taking extensive measures to insure orderly and free elections and both candidates have urged their following to refrain from violence during election [Page 720] period. Disturbances and possible interference voting is nevertheless feared in some districts. Police in Tegucigalpa report that Communists are under surveillance. Tropical Radio taking precautions against possible interruption of communications. Nearly all commercial planes have left for Salvador to await events in safety. Temporary interruption of air mail probable. President has promised protection for Legation and Americans. I am more hopeful that election period will pass without serious trouble.