The Chargé in Haiti ( McGurk ) to the Secretary of State

No. 422

Sir: I have the honor respectfully to direct the Department’s attention to the proposed amendment to Article I of the Constitution of Haiti whereby Navassa Island is claimed as Haitian territory.

In conversation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs yesterday, I informally mentioned that the proposed amendment to Article I of the Constitution included Navassa Island within the territory of the Republic of Haiti and that the Island belonged to the United States. I also repeated to him Dr. Munro’s often repeated statement that nothing be included in the proposed amendments to the Constitution to which the Government of the United States would have to object. He stated that Haiti has always considered Navassa Island as Haitian territory and that he thought it was time that some settlement was made of the question. I merely repeated that ownership of the Island was vested in the United States and that on one or two occasions in the past, Haitian claims to the Island had been denied by the United States Government.

Two copies of the Haitian Constitution as amended by the National Assembly, and which has not yet been voted, are enclosed herewith.44

Respectfully yours,

J. F. McGurk
  1. Not reprinted.