The American Minister in Haiti (Munro) to the Haitian Minister for Foreign Affairs (Blanchet)25

No. 178

Excellency: I have the honor to confirm the understanding between us with regard to certain questions connected with the Treaty which we have signed today.

While it is the definite intention of the two Governments to carry out the program set forth in the agreement for the Haitianization of the Garde, it is realized that it might prove impossible to carry out this program at the times fixed if very serious disturbances or other [Page 679] difficulties in Haiti now unforeseen should arise to prevent its execution. It is of course confidently hoped and expected that no such difficulties will occur and I may assure your Excellency that it is the earnest desire of both Governments to carry out the entire program at the earliest practicable date.
Since it will be necessary to begin at once the intensive training of the Garde in order to make possible the complete Haitianization of that organization by the end of 1934, such intensive training, including especially preparations to advance the graduation of the present class at the Military School, will begin immediately after the ratification of the Treaty by the Haitian National Assembly without awaiting the action of the United States Senate.
The compensation received from the Haitian Government by the members of the Military Mission established under Article VI of Protocol A shall be $250 per month in the case of the chief of the Mission, $200 per month in the case of other officers, and not over $100 per month in the case of enlisted men. The amount necessary for the payment of this compensation shall be included each year in the budget of the Garde.
The Haitian Government will grant the Mission adequate powers to fulfill the objectives for which it is designated, and to this end the Mission shall have authority:
To inspect all activities of the Garde and to make reports and recommendations to the Commandant or directly to the President of the Republic regarding measures for the improvement of training, organization, administration and discipline, regarding the capacity of officers for promotion and the conditions under which promotions are to be made, and regarding such other subjects as the Mission may consider advisable.
To recommend, when necessary, that disciplinary measures be taken against any officer or enlisted man in the Garde.
To make any necessary recommendations or suggestions regarding the conduct of the Ecole Militaire and to give instruction in that institution if found desirable; also from time to time to recommend the detachment of Garde officers for advanced training in that institution when that shall appear necessary either to fit the officer for the proper discharge of his duties or to enable him to qualify for promotion.
Protocol B will be communicated by the Haitian Government to the National Bank with irrevocable instructions to give effect to those of its provisions which relate to the deposit and expenditure of Government funds.
In view of Article VII of Protocol B it is understood that if there should be occasion for judicial proceedings against the Fiscal Representative [Page 680] or his American assistants such proceedings cannot be instituted without the consent of the Government of the United States.

This exchange of notes is an integral part of the agreement between the two Governments and will be communicated to the National Assembly of Haiti and to the United States Senate at the time of the ratification of the Treaty.

Accept [etc.]

Dana G. Munro
  1. A similar note was addressed to the American Minister in Haiti by the Haitian Minister for Foreign Affairs.