838.51/2481: Telegram

The Minister in Haiti ( Munro ) to the Secretary of State

92. 1. The Haitian Government objects very strongly to the words “unless unforeseen difficulties arise in the meantime” in articles I and III of the agreement about the Garde. After a long discussion this morning the Minister for Foreign Affairs insisted that this phrase would make it exceedingly difficult to obtain approval of the Legislature. He said, however, that it would of course be clearly understood that any unforeseen serious developments would prevent the execution of the program embodied in the agreement and finally accepted the idea of expressing this understanding in a separate exchange of notes. I recommended [sic] that I be authorized to handle the matter in this way. We have agreed to include the details regarding the appointment and powers of the military mission in a separate exchange of notes and the question of possible obstacles to the execution of the whole program could be dealt with in the same communications.

2. The Minister for Foreign Affairs pointed out that the inclusion of article No. 9 in the agreement about the Garde will make it unnecessary to incorporate a similar provision in the covering treaty. I assume that the Department will have no objection to the omission of a specific obligation to maintain the efficiency of the Garde from the treaty if the matter is fully covered elsewhere. Please instruct.