838.51 A/232: Telegram

The Minister in Haiti (Munro) to the Secretary of State

38. Reference Department’s instruction No. 171, March 22nd. I suggest that I be authorized to change the text of the note submitted to the Haitian Government in order to make it a reply also to Leger’s note of March 15th transmitted with my despatch No. 356, March 18th.12 This would necessitate a slight change in the wording of the first paragraph to include reference to both notes as well as similar slight changes elsewhere.

In his note of March 15th Leger asked specifically whether the Government of the United States would consent to the discontinuance of the office of the Financial Adviser-General Receiver General if the 1922 loan was refunded. To reply to this I respectfully suggest adding a sentence at the head of the Department’s draft note reading as follows:

“If it were possible to arrange a satisfactory refunding operation by which all of the outstanding bonds would be retired, the Government of the United States would of course have no objection to the discontinuance of the present system of financial administration.”

  1. Neither printed.