838.51 A/220

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Haiti (Munro)

No. 171

Sir: The Department has given careful consideration to your despatch No. 293, dated January 6, 1932, transmitting a copy of a note dated December 22, 1931,2 from the Haitian Government discussing certain questions relating to Haitian finances and your proposed reply thereto. While, as you suggest, the position of the Government of the United States has already been expressed in regard to many of the principal matters discussed in the note, the Department feels that fundamental points are now being raised concerning the Treaty of 1915,3 the Additional Act of 1917,4 and the Protocol of 19195 and their legal status vis-à-vis the loan of 1922 which should be dealt with definitely and in detail at this time. With this end in view there is enclosed a note6 in reply to the Haitian Government’s note dated December 22, 1931, which you are instructed to present to the Haitian Government unless you now perceive some objection to such a course, in which case the Department will be glad to receive your views. You will note that the last paragraph of this reply has been drafted along the lines which you suggest in your telegram No. 29 of March 4, 3 p.m.7

The Department desires to call your attention to Page 5 of the enclosed note where, in discussing the Additional Act, a portion of a note addressed to the Legation on March 2, 1917, by the Haitian Government, is quoted. The text of this note was reported to the Department by a telegram dated March 3, 19178 and represents an obviously unsatisfactory translation as well as being slightly garbled in certain minor respects. The Department desires you, therefore, to interpolate in the note which you submit to the Haitian Government a more adequate translation of this communication reporting subsequently to the Department the text which you have substituted.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Francis White
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